Matt Todd
photo by Michael Bradfield at Roller Photography

Founded in 2005 with a single photo, Arkhitekton is a website by Matt Todd that provides intermittent and idiosyncratic commentary on architecture, design, landscape and occasionally, technology. I’m a registered architect (and landscape architect) with over 25 years professional experience – primarily in public buildings – working throughout Australia and the UK.

Currently I’m a Principal at HASSELL, a multidisciplinary global design practice.

Previously I was a Principal at Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT), a well-known Australian design practice, and before that at Denton Corker Marshall for most of my early career.

Rather than provide a constant stream of architecture news, of which there are plenty of examples, Arkhitekton is a personal site that’s updated on quite a relaxed schedule (ie. when I happen to have some time) about things that interest me on design, to draw attention to interesting websites that might otherwise get overlooked, or sometimes versions of my presentations given at conferences.

About the Name

Admittedly “arkhitekton” is a bit of a mouthful but the term “architect” is derived from the Greek word “arkhitekton”, where “arkhi” means master (or chief) and “tekton” is builder so it seemed appropriate. Now you know.

Contact Me

Always happy to hear from you! Just use the form below to send me an email. However, if you are looking for work at HASSELL please check out the Careers page or send an email to careers@hassellstudio.com as I won’t respond here.


This is a personal website. Any opinions expressed on Arkhitekton represent my own and not those of my current (or any previous) employer.