Some years ago, after hearing Brigitte Shim speak at a conference, I featured the Integral House in an article before construction finished in 2009. At the time of writing (2008), high quality photographs of the house were rare.

Recently the house came up for sale as the music-obsessed, mathematician owner, Jim Stewart, passed away. So now we can drool in high-definition glory with this slick video produced as part of the marketing campaign:

The house is massive – over 1,500 square metres (17,000 sq ft) massive! The house comes with an equally massive CAD$19.5 million price tag set by Sotheby’s. Didn’t seem to matter as the house was sold in September 2016.

Whilst a look at the Integral House during Winter is fascinating as the house is exposed, here’s an alternate look through during a warmer time of the year when the house nestles into the foliage of the ravine site:

For a longer inspection of the Integral House this video by Azure is worth your time also.

House Location

[Source: feature header photograph]