Dis Goin’ Green 1949 Style, Bitch

Sit back and let Ice Cube (apparently a former architectural drafter) be your somewhat unorthodox architectural guide of the legendary Eames House completed in 1949 as Case Study House #8. Slick video, tough delivery.

The house is located at 203 N Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. View a map of the idyllic location. With all the surrounding Eucalypts (gum trees), it always decieves me into thinking the Eames House is located in Australia. No such luck, as California is dotted with Eucalypt groves since we shipped some seeds over to the States in the 1850s.

For more details on the house – particularly those not presented by a rapper – browse the following sources:

[via my good friend Nick from Roller… credit goes to him for suggesting the title too, so no complaints to me!]


2 thoughts on “Dis Goin’ Green 1949 Style, Bitch

  1. Certainly is unexpected. A refreshing change from the typical take-myself-too-seriously architectural videos. He still gets the message across.

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