Intern Architects in Hell

Serendipity. One of the great joys of the Internet is the joy of discovering great websites via linkage. Sometimes it is via digging deeper through links, other times (such as this one) it’s a happy coincidence.

While considering a short post about humour and architecture in response to Design Observer‘s recent piece on Rem Koolhaas, I checked my Coudal Partners* RSS feed and – bing! – there was a link to Intern Architects in Hell, a cartoon series about young architects slaving away for a token wage.

Hilarious! What a find. I love the slightly perverse undercurrent that pervades the series. By just using stylised B&W cartoon “heads” with captions it pokes fun at the arrogance and self-importance of your typical “design” architect. Check out this one, this one, or even this one.

If you haven’t come across before (like me), there’s a heap more than the cartoons. Here’s my pick:

I’ve just added to my feeds. Check it out now.

* Do Coudal have a special team just cruising the Internet 24/7? They always seem to unearth interesting links.