Rowan Atkinson’s Terribly ‘Modern’ House

Another star. Another star architect. This time it’s Rowan Atkinson and Richard Meier designing and building a house together in lovely Oxfordshire. More about the modernist love-in:

Meier’s proposed 9m-high, white steel and glass five-bedroom home, with a two-bedroom guesthouse, had been recommended for refusal by planning officers and branded an ‘ugly space-age petrol station’ and ‘completely inappropriate’ by neighbours.

Love the droll photo of Rowan Atkinson slotted in the middle of the architectural slideshow. Just in case you forgot who he is… perhaps some may think it’s a contemporary shot of Meier himself.

A droll Rowan Atkinson unwittingly appearing in an architectural slideshow

Read the full story at The Architectural Review.

Jean Nouvel Wins A Big Prize

In celebration of the big prize (actually the 2008 Pritzker Prize) being recently awarded to the irrepressible Jean Nouvel, here’s a selection of projects from the amazing portfolio of Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

(Click-through to reveal high resolution versions)

The New York Times also has a slideshow with some excellent photos. Or, if you’re looking for some critical commentary (there isn’t much) on why the Pritzker Prize shouldn’t be awarded to an individual try “Architecture Is a Team Sport” in Slate by Witold Rybczynski.

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