Holiday Reading (Part 3): Rem Koolhaas

CCTV building under constrcution (photo by toyosakihiroki)

Koolhaas and His Omnipotent Masters

“Koolhaas chose between working on NYC’s Ground Zero and the Beijing project based on a fortune cookie he was given at a Chinese restaurant – in it, the goofy prognostication Stunningly Omnipresent Masters Make Minced Meat of Memory.”

Download the complete version of Rem’s Beijing Manifesto (PDF file).

Happy New Year to all Arkhitekton readers!


Holiday Reading (Part 1): Cecil Balmond

It’s been an age. I know. Been busy practising architecture, that’s all. Anyway, maybe you have some more time on your hands over the holidays, like me, and are looking for some interesting reading. Over the next 10 days or so I’ll post a selection of (mostly) unrelated but worthy articles that should keep you happy, starting today with…

The Beauty of Numbers

Inspired by his work with influential architects, Cecil Balmond searches for that exquisite blend of structural logic and structural logic.

Cecil Balmond headshot

Also worth reading, if you don’t know too much about the extraordinary Cecil Balmond is The Informalist, a Q & A with Cecil and An Engineering Magician, Then (Presto) He’s an Architect.

Go and buy his book, Informal (he has a new one coming out early 2008), or splurge on the a+u issue devoted to his work.